"But where are we to go?"

Down the hill I saw a bevy of hussars ride under the railway bridge; three galloped through the open gates of the Oriental College; two others dismounted, and began running from house to house. The sun, shining through the smoke that drove up from the tops of the trees, seemed blood red, and threw an unfamiliar lurid light upon everything.

"Stop here," said I; "you are safe here"; and I started off at once for the Spotted Dog, for I knew the landlord had a horse and dog cart. I ran, for I perceived that in a moment everyone upon this side of the hill would be moving. I found him in his bar, quite unaware of what was going on behind his house. A man stood with his back to me, talking to him.

  • "But where are we to go?" said my wife in terror
  • I thought perplexed
  • Then I remembered her cousins at Leatherhead
  • "Leatherhead!" I shouted above the sudden noise
  • She looked away from me downhill
  • The people were coming out of their houses, astonished